Secondary Suites

The secondary suite serves as a secondary dwelling unit that is located within the structure of owner’s residential unit or single family dwelling. The secondary suite is perfect for small families and it comes with self-contained living unit of kitchen, one or two bedroom and bathroom. The city of Edmonton usually permits secondary suites in single-family homes that lie in the residential zones. The suite is essentially considered legal when it has permits of building, electrical connection and plumbing. The state building authority approves the building permit and they also inspect the occupancy area. This housing option meets the social and lifestyle needs of budget-constraint residents, who cannot build lavish residential homes by spending huge bucks of their hard-earned money.

When people wish to have their legalized secondary suites attached with their home, they need to approach the respective state department and make the application with the appropriate fees. There are several positive aspects of maintaining and building a legal secondary suite in your single family house. For homeowners, it serves as a mortgage helper turning proprietorship affordable. Moreover, it can enhance the value of your residential unit and add safety and security to your house. Unauthorized secondary suites can be a stress issue, as it cannot offer safe accommodation to the occupants or security of rental income for homeowners.

Secondary Suites Service

If you plan to have secondary suites, get in touch with the experts of Edmonton Basement Development . The very first step that the company would take is to ensure that your property complies with all important zoning requirements. After reviewing the property, they may schedule an appointment with the building department reviewer, so that they can issue the permit for building secondary suite in your premises. The company always employs adept and licenced electricians, contractors and plumbers to build your secondary suite.

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