More Information on Garage Units developed by Edmonton Basement Development

There are quite a few things to be taken into consideration while you are planning to construct a garage unit. In fact, it can act as a multi-function unit which could be used for a number of purposes including vehicle parking, storage, built-in workshop where you store tools and other equipment, etc.
An experienced Garage Builder of Edmonton Basement Development can guide you to construct a garage which caters to all your requirements. First of all, you need to think about the requirement,whether you want to park a single car, two cars, garage suite, or whether it should provide ample space for storage or workshop purpose. Anyhow, thanks to the services of Edmonton Basement Development, you need not worry much about all these factors. The expert crew here works diligently to make your garage a reality.

The company Edmonton Basement Development has a good reputation in designing and constructing affordable garage units for both commercial and residential purposes. In fact, it uses quality stuff to cater to each and every requirements of the customers.
There are a wide range of options offered by the company when it comes to building garage units. These include single garage units, double garage units, and garage suites.

Single Garage Unit

Single Garage Unit

A single garage unit is perfect for those homeowners who do not want to shed much money for building the garage. Edmonton Basement Development offers a variety of designs and floor plans for those who are prospective customers. In fact, the single garage pattern provided by this company go hand in hand with most of the residential properties. Moreover, it offers durable materials to build garage units and provides models like flat roof, hip roof, etc.

Double Garage

Double Garage

Edmonton Basement Development also offers a varied range of floor plans for double garage units. The customers can choose any of these so as to suit their requirements and budget. Normally, a double garage unit can accommodate two cars, and also can be used for workshop or storage purposes. The company offers a wide range of designs for interiors for the customers to choose from.

Garage Process

Garage Suite

Garage suite is another attractive option offered by Edmonton Basement Development. A garage suite is normally constructed as detached from the rest of the residential area. It can also include an overhead apartment which could be used as a comfortable living space. Some others use this space for office-related purposes. This can be converted into an excellent study room for teenagers where they can stay and focus on their studies. Some homeowners rent out this area so that it could generate an extra income. Many people use this space for organizing small parties as well. Above all, a garage adds value to your residential property.

To sum it up, Edmonton Basement Development is a one-stop-shop for all your requirements related to construction of garage units.

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