Turn your basement into an exquisite bar

It’s good that you’ve decided to remodel your basement into a useful space of your home. Well, if you’ve really decided to do that, then there are plenty of options available. You could even blend your creativity and the fusion of your creativity and our innovative ideas will certainly do wonders in crafting a superior piece of art and thus, giving you the best value and deal for your bucks.

When it comes to the basement development in Edmonton , the contractor you hire may provide you with the various alternatives which are available to revamp your basement, but a professional basement development expert will offer you a holistic approach in terms of consultation, planning and then delivering the project. Whatever your preferences are, we always have a room for your ideas and embrace them to provide you the desired results.

The latest trend

Have you ever thought how useful the basement could be for you? You’ve been thinking to buy your favorite car, but the burden of pending mortgage is hindering your desire? Your basement could be a worthy revenue generator for you. You could enhance the value of your basement by developing it into a well-constructed space to live and make it available to be occupied on the rental basis and gain stable income to cater to your petty expenses.Basement development these days has taken a new curve, gone are the days when your basement was just a place of old junk of the house and dunes of dust. Now, there is much more to do with it.

Wouldn’t your guests be amazed to see an amazing guest room where they could stay over after the long party night? Indeed, everyone would be delighted to be hosted with such a respectable hospitality. You might have seen the basement development projects going around the town. Why are people rushing to get it done? What’s the big deal about it? Adding value to your property was never an easy task to accomplish. A perfectly constructed and developed modern basement is a significant contributing factor, which could add more value to your property and increase your wealth.

The finished basement provides you with more usable space in your home. If you have been struggling to manage the space of your house and accommodate your furniture, then the basement is the key to put an end to this dilemma. You could remodel your basement as per your requirements and you will have abundant usable space with more room in the other areas of your house.

Don’t these benefits really make it a big deal? If you haven’t thought about planning a basement, then the aforesaid benefits provide you with all the required reasons to take the lead and get your basement developed today.

Creativity meets innovation

Are you confused about how to shape your basement to make it a useful space? We are here to help you with that. Your basement could be served as a space to accommodate your in-laws or your parents who visit you frequently. You could construct a parental suite, which is especially designed keeping in mind the needs of your parents, so that they could have the memorable time at your place.

Doesn’t matter what your purpose and aim of the basement development is. There are certain components, which could be added to any project, irrespective of its purpose. A wet bar or a dry bar is one such component, which would be a comprehensive addition to your project. It will not only make things convenient for the guests, but also it will build up more value to your project.

What is dry and wet bar?

Having a bar in your basement will make it entitled to get more attention. Have a date night? With a wine cellar in the bar of your basement you could serve a fine French champagne to your date and this will be a huge turning point of the evening. Before discussing the benefits of having a bar in the basement, let’s discuss the type of bars and their respective advantages. Having a bar in the basement is becoming a popular trend because if you’re an entertainment lover, then it can be a valuable and a perfect addition to your basement and will make it a lot easy and convenient to throw parties. You could choose either to have a wet bar or a dry bar. Both of them have their own benefits.

A dry bar is the bar without the sink and the running water. It is the piece of furniture, which could be installed to store the beverages and drinks, and other accessories and glassware. It can store a wide variety of drinks and you could install a furniture as per your choice. You could either buy a ready made cabinet or could get it customized and incorporate your own creativity and ideas to make it appealing. You could choose the size of the cabinet as per your requirements. The advantage over here is that you could get it made to be portable, which in turn is quite convenient. But you would have to rush to your main kitchen with the loads of cutlery after the party in order to wash them as there isn’t any plumbing line in the case of a dry bar. This type of bar is generally useful for compact spaces. If you are looking to build a small bar just to store the drinks and the cutlery, then a dry bar would do the job for you.

A wet bar is another option, which would lead to the development of a full-functioning bar. This type of bar is attached to a plumbing line as it has a working sink with running water and a drain fitted. What’s the use of having a wet bar? Well, if you want to save yourself from goofing around, carrying a pile of used glassware post party, then wet bar is for you. You could wash the accessories and the glassware there itself and store them again in the cabinet. Furthermore, having a sink and the drain has its own advantages. You could easily use the water to clean up the mess created by your guests. As far as the wet bar is concerned, it will require a big space when compared to the dry bar. Wet bar would also involve more money as the plumbing work would be done. If there is a plumbing line, then the things would be easy, but in case of a new plumbing line the cost would go high.

Some innovative ideas

When it comes to having a personal bar in your basement, then you could play around with profuse ideas. You could make use of fancy flooring to add an exquisite touch to the floor and could decorate the walls as per the theme of the construction. Here are some of the beautiful ideas to give a majestic touch to your basement bar and make it more charming: You could convert the whole basement into a classic pub. This layout involves a large space as the whole space is converted into a classic bar with traditional lights, stone walls to give you a pub feel. You could add the thematic background and the classic rusty wood furniture to give a feel of a proper English bar.

Another option is to build an ultimate entertainment room with home theatre system, billiards table, smoking area and a bar at the corner. This would serve a dual purpose. You can get the entertainment you want in just one room. You could watch your favorite movie, while enjoying your favorite scotch or you could challenge your friend for a snooker game and treat yourself with the energizing beer while playing the game.

If you are an avid reader, then what could be better than having a glass of your favorite wine with your favorite book? You could build a bar and a library in your basement to make it a perfect library with a bar. It doesn’t match, but it certainly would enlighten up the mind of you when you’ll find time to read your favorite book or watch your favorite movie. How about having a mini basement auditorium or a private office? Yes, a place where you could throw parties, could arrange a dance night, and could even invite your colleagues for a small conference. And refresh them with the energizing drinks during the conference.

These are some of the options, which you could consider for your basement development project. There are ample of options available when it comes to the basement development, but not all options could be suitable in the case of your basement. The expert basement developers would provide you the best possible solution. What does it require to suggest the best construction options to you? It requires the intervention of the experts who could analyze the available space and keeping in consideration the objective of the project and your needs and preferences, could offer the best output.

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