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Getting your dream space could cost you a huge amount of money. But how about premium Basement Development Services at affordable prices? Wouldn’t it be an absolute pleasure to get your basement developed in an aesthetic manner that too without drilling a hole in your pocket?

Basement development has become a trend in the Canada. With the increasing housing crisis, people have understood the significance of having a well-developed basement with their property. There are so many ways a basement could prove to be a productive space of your house. Let us discuss about the different basement development packages available and their tentative costs.

Basic package

When it comes to the basement development this is the most sought range. The standard size houses fall under this package where the development process generally includes painting, lighting the basement, drywall and framing and a three piece bathroom. Generally the basic package doesn’t include much customization and could be completed within $25,000.

Medium range package

This package is a bit expensive as compared to the basic package as it involves additional luxury privileges. It includes customized designing with extra options such as wet bar, home theatre, activity area, lounge, additional bedrooms and bathrooms.

You get more room for your preferences as you could play with the type of furniture and other decorative stuff to be used. The tentative cost of medium range basement development package is $30,000- $45,000

Luxurious package

Being the most expensive basement development range, the luxurious package offers a full customization. You could add a custom built fireplace, library, pool table or gym in the project. You could choose the furniture, the lighting and every other thing as per your own choice. The pricing depends on the design, and the cost of the material used in the development process.

Other factors

Apart from your choice of package, there are other factors, which influence the cost of the development process. These factors are:

Labour and material cost:

If your project is big, then it will indeed demand more labour and luxury package means full customization. The material used for the customization will affect the cost of your project as it simply means additional cost.


The time taken to complete the entire project affects the cost of the project. Basic packages usually get completed quickly and doesn’t require much time.

Area covered:

The area or the total square foot covered is another aspect, which decides the cost of your project. The more is the area, the more expensive it gets.

Wiring and plumbing:

In medium and luxury packages, the cost goes high due to the addition of extra bathrooms and bedrooms. These extra bathrooms and bedrooms require wiring and plumbing and it increases the cost of the project.

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Apart from providing a reliable and exceptional quality services we provide convenient financing schemes with zero down payment. No matter whatever amount it takes to give you your dream space, we will make sure that your happiness doesn’t get affected by your strict budget. Our services include free consultation and estimate of your project.

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