Fully developed basement with kitchenette a modern day requirement

Is your basement home to the spider cobwebs, the old junk stuff of your house and the pile of dust? Do you still step into your basement once in a while to take out your stuff which you stopped using? If yes, then you have been unaware of the true potential of this productive space of your home. The basement is indeed an asset for you, which could prove to be a big helping hand, but it’s quite common how the majority of the people is unaware of how basement could put them into an advantageous situation.

What opportunities you’re missing out on

Keeping in mind the modern-day housing needs, the basement could serve multiple purposes. The term “multiple purposes” sounds interesting? You would be hard pressed to find out such a wide array of advantages from any other space of your home. This is a statement, which could be well justified and isn’t an exaggeration. You have been thinking of having a personalized home theatre to enjoy the live games and your favorite movies, but didn’t find a suitable space anywhere in your home to make this dream come true. What’s better than having your own home theatre in the magnificently built basement? You could now enjoy your favorite movies on the comfy recliners.

You are passionate reader and have always wanted a personal library with the collection of beautiful books. The basement provides you a serene place with an apt environment to lose yourself in the magical world of spellbinding books. With your own personalized library, you could now read your favorite book, sitting in front of fireplace, while sipping freshly brewed coffee. Similarly, you could opt for a wet bar in your basement if youare looking forward to having a party room to accommodate the guests for dance.

You could turn your basement into an activity area or a game room where you could keep a billiards table and Xbox to enjoy your favorite games. You could alternatively build a multi-purpose gym in the basement, so that you wouldn’t skip your workouts due to the hectic work schedule of yours. If you don’t want the basement for your personal use, then you could make it available on the rental basis. The housing crisis will certainly get you a good monthly rental value for your superbly built basement space. This extra income could be a big helping hand for you.

There are lots of other options available to develop and transform your basement into a productive as well as an aesthetically designed space of your home. You can’t overlook the significance of the basement as a property with the magnificently planned basement will always fetch higher prices at the time of selling, than the other properties. It simply means that you’re not spending your money on futile activities, but you’re investing in the future.

A significant value building element

Talking about an important value adding component into your basement, we would definitely say “kitchen”. What’s the big deal in having a basement kitchen or a kitchenette? Well, you already are aware of the functioning and the needs of having a fully equipped kitchen in your home. But how about basement? Is there any need of having a kitchen in the basement? Kitchenette maybe small and compact in size, but regardless of its size, the uses of a kitchenette will outnumber having any other important element in your basement.

If you are building a parental suite, or a guest room, having a kitchenette will be an added advantage as your guests wouldn’t have to rush towards the main kitchen for their midnight snack and they will thank you for this. Are you throwing a party? You could use the basement kitchen for storing the snacks and the wet bar to serve your guests with the collection of some fine champagne.

Enhance the beauty of your basement

A kitchenette or a kitchen would not only add value to your basement, but would also enhance the beauty of the basement. For instance, vibrant kitchen cabinets in conjunction with the creatively designed components such as the countertop or the appliances would certainly enhance the grace of your basement. With the abundant options available you could play with the color scheme and could add the customized wall patterns to increase the beauty of your kitchenette and make it more attractive. It’s a perfect place to breathe life into your creative ideas.

Plan it right

One of the most crucial part of developing a kitchenette in the basement is proper planning. Merely having a desire to include a kitchenette in your basement development project wouldn’t be enough. With proper planning you could successfully add a productive and useful kitchenette in your basement and enhance its value. What comes under the planning stage? Though a short term, but planning certainly could be a task full of hassle. There are several points, which need to be kept in mind when it comes to planning. These points are:

Ventilation and safety - A kitchenette or a kitchen is never complete without proper ventilation and adequate safety measures. You wouldn’t want the fumes and smoke to float around in your house. In order to divert them out, you need to have an appropriate ventilation system. Furthermore, you can’t argue the value of having proper security measures. There has to be proper water sprinkler, fire extinguishers and the smoke and fire sensors in order to cope with any kind of emergency. Having proper evacuation routes is highly recommended.

Usage and size - The purpose of your basement defines the size and the composition of the kitchenette. For instance, if you are developing the basement just for the purpose of building a game room to spend the leisure time or to build a home theatre room, then you need not have a big kitchenette. You could include a dry bar in case of serving the drinks. On the other hand, if you are planning a parental suite, or a guest room or a party room, then you may consider including a big kitchenette, so that your guests wouldn’t have to rush upstairs and downstairs to grab some bites.

Type of bar - Having a bar in the kitchen could be like providing an additional advantage to your basement. Having a bar would certainly provide numerous advantages. The real pick is to decide whether to include a dry bar or a wet bar. A wet bar has the running water as the plumbing would be done, on the other hand a dry bar would simply provide a beverage area without any running water. Depending upon your usage you could choose an option.

Appearance - Hands down the most important aspect of the planning part is designing of the basement. The design will ensure that how appealing your basement will look. You could either take some design recommendations and consultation or could customize your own design. The lighting and the selection of appliances would highly influence the overall design of your kitchenette and the basement. The furniture in your basement should compliment your kitchenette rather than acting contrary to it.

Additional tips

If you’re looking to successfully add a kitchenette in your basement, then these additional tips would prove to be a great helping hand in increasing the grace of your kitchenette. Color selection is crucial and could do wonders Bright and dark colors may increase the darkness in the basement due to the unavailability of adequate light. You should go with the cool colors like grey, blue and beige. These colors will not only decreases the darkness, but will also add a cool touch to your basement as well.

Very often, people fill their kitchenette with excessive stuff which is not even required. This not only makes the basement look messed up, but also fills up this small space, hence making you unable to use your kitchenette properly. Make sure that your kitchenette contains only the important appliances, and stuff.

Have you decided?

Having discussed the benefits of having a kitchenette in your basement, it’s time to develop the perfect basement with the help of useful and multi-purpose kitchenette. Wait! Are you afraid of the expenses involved? We are here to serve our customers and to ensure that all their dreams come true. You can leave all your funding related worries to us and we will provide you convenient financing schemes to support the basement development project.

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